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Winter School Holiday in Melbourne

School Holidays at NGV Check out the exciting range of programs, exhibitions and free activities happening at NGV. Lawrence Weiner Out of sight 10 Feb 17 – 9 Jul 17 OPEN 10AM–5PM DAILY Free entry Fiona Hal Uneasy Seasons 13 Apr 17 – 8 Oct 17 OPEN 10AM–5PM DAILY Free[…]

Tips for better travel photos

We all love taking lots of photos when we travel. They are the best reminder of the wonderful places we visited and a great way to show loved ones moments from your most recent vacation. As an amateur photographer, you see a great scenery and rush to snap a picture.[…]

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How to travel for less money

Here is a familiar scenario for everyone: you open your email and find amazing beach photos, possibly with background music and you immediately start dreaming about your next vacation. It doesn’t have to be just a dream, you can turn it into reality with careful planning. Here are a few[…]

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Zen in Melbourne

Beauty is not just eliminating or masking our external imperfections. Beauty means much more than our exterior. It doesn’t matter how physically perfect we are, as long as we don’t develop our inner beauty. We should have a daily inner beauty ritual, similar to our daily outer beauty rituals. This[…]

Winter Melbourne’s Coolest Spots

Melbourne is offering a feast of events during winter to maintain its livability credentials. The city will host dozens of festivals, exhibitions, shows and other events over the next few months. Our city is keeping it cool this winter and we’re going to provide a list of trendy places and[…]

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Keeping the romance alive on a family trip

If you travel with your kids there is no need to compromise on your relationship. As much as you love your family, it can often be difficult to find time to be romantic with your partner when you have little ones running around. Going on holiday can be one of[…]

Family budget travel in Melbourne

We recently had a very interesting chat with one of our hotel guests we think might be of good use to everyone that is visiting Melbourne. Our guests, Jason from Perth, was visiting Melbourne with his wife and their 5 year old daughter. They stayed with us for a week[…]

Australian Christmas season

The heat of early summer in Australia has an impact on the way that Australians celebrate Christmas and on which northern hemisphere Christmas traditions are followed. In the weeks leading up to Christmas houses are decorated; greetings cards sent out; carols sung; Christmas trees installed in homes, schools and public[…]