Aberlour Court

Long Stay Apartments – East Melbourne CBD

Aberlour Court: Affordable and Pet-Friendly Long Stay Apartments in East Melbourne, Near the CBD

Relocating for a job, seeking long-term accommodation during a home renovation or finding a place to stay while receiving advanced medical treatment at a hospital: these things are all easier said than done under the best of circumstances. Making a temporary move for a job can be nerve-wracking because it takes you out of your comfort zone. Vacating your home for a renovation is a major hassle, no matter how bright the light at the end of the tunnel. Relocating to a city with a world-renowned hospital, for advanced or experimental medical treatment you can’t get where you live, makes an extremely scary and stressful experience.

With the right long stay apartments in Melbourne, though, you will not only make it through your relocation period but you might also actually enjoy it. That’s our goal at Aberlour Court, at least: to help you find a feeling of home in a mostly unfamiliar place.

Why Choose Aberlour Court?

If you are looking for long stay apartments in Melbourne, chances are you have already looked at a broad range of apartment complexes and long-term hotels in the area. What separates Aberlour Court from the pack? Why should you make our accommodation your home during your relocation or renovation period?

The truth is, different guests come to Aberlour Court for various reasons. For some of our tenants, our soothing courtyard views (available with all 27 of our units) provide a homey feel that other apartments and hotels in the area cannot match. Other guests love our affordable prices which are on the level of a 3-star hotel, for 4-star comforts and amenities!

If you need to relocate your family and kids to Melbourne for a job, you will surely appreciate that our property offers backyard access to a great park and playground. As for pets, we offer fully pet-friendly long stay apartments in East Melbourne, without any of the fees or limitations you might find at other ‘pet-friendly’ accommodation. Many supposedly pet-friendly hotels or accommodation providers in the area will still limit where in their buildings pets can go, or require you to leave your dog or cat in a cage in the basement. When you rent a unit at Aberlour Court, your pet will have the freedom to move about the entire unit.

The Draw of Long Stay Apartments in East Melbourne

In addition to our units being affordable, kid-friendly, pet-friendly, comfortable and welcoming, Aberlour Court is popular among many recently relocated families or business people because of our location. East Melbourne is easily the trendiest and most prestigious of Melbourne’s suburbs, with gorgeous 1950s architecture, a thriving CBD and plenty of other nearby attractions. Aberlour Court’s long stay apartments are located in East Melbourne, with convenient access to the central business district, numerous forms of public transportation, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and more.

Regardless of why Aberlour Court and our long stay apartments in Melbourne’s CBD appeal to you, we are happy to speak with you about the possibility of a long-term rental with us! Send us an email at info@abelourcourt.com.au to enquire about our availability!