Aberlour Court

Long Term Accommodation – East Melbourne CBD

Relocating to East Melbourne’s CBD on a Temporary Basis? Plan on Aberlour Court as Your Long-Term Accommodation

Have you been relocated to the East Melbourne area for work, but only on a limited contract or interim basis? If you are in this situation, then it doesn’t make sense to purchase a home or sign a year-long apartment lease. However, it also doesn’t make sense to spend your interim relocation period in a hotel, not just because you or your employer will pay a fortune to do so but also because living in a hotel can be such a stifling and limited experience.

At Aberlour Court, we offer long term accommodation in Melbourne that fit the bill for temporary relocation stints. For one thing, we offer flexible terms to our tenants. Some of our out-of-town guests only come to us for a few nights, looking to experience the Melbourne area less like tourists and more like locals. Other guests can be with us for months! We welcome tenants on either end of the spectrum and make it easy for our long-term guests to make themselves at home on our premises.

The Advantages of Choosing Aberlour Court for Your Long-Term Accommodations in Melbourne

Are you on the fence about choosing Aberlour Court as your long-term accommodation in the East Melbourne area, or are you considering a number of other options for your housing? If so, consider the points below as the advantages you can expect from making Aberlour Court your home away from home.

  • Affordability: One of our top goals at Aberlour Court is to provide our guests with a great value for their money. Our long-term accommodation in Melbourne are around the 4-star level regarding comfort, convenient location, cleanliness and comprehensive amenities. Our price point meanwhile, is closer to what you would expect from a 3 or 3.5-star hotel. You won’t find such a complete accommodation in the popular Melbourne CBD area at such an affordable price.
  • Location: Melbourne’s booming central business district makes the city a popular spot for temporary business relocations or contracts. Aberlour Court offers an advantage in that regard as well, simply because our long-term accommodations are located right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. When you stay with us, you will have no problem getting to the office, making it to meetings on time or conducting other work throughout the CBD.
  • Homelike Comforts: One of the issues with staying in a hotel especially on a long-term basis is that your living situation always feels transient. From the housekeeping service to the ‘new neighbor every day’ pattern to a slew of other issues (the lack of a proper kitchen or an in-room laundry option, for instance), you are constantly reminded that you are in a hotel. At Aberlour Courts, we give you the best of both hotel living (furnishings, bedding, towels and other amenities are provided) and apartment living (a full-service kitchen, a laundry room, etc.) to ensure you feel more at home.

Learn More about Aberlour Court Today

Are you interested in learning more about Aberlour Court, or in booking one of our long-term accommodations in the Melbourne CBD? Visit us on the web at www.aberlourcourt.com.au or call us on 61 3 9039 5310!