Aberlour Court

Our Story


Victoria_Parade_462-1591-Edit_V1Life is a pilgrimage.
Journey is a reconciliation.
Destination is a definition.

We have traveled around the world as a family and thoroughly appreciated the life experiences that we have shared together on those trips.

Gradually we discovered that on the fringe of every city there is a well preserved secret spot that’s authentic, oasis, historical, and residential. This category soon became our primary hunting principle for holiday accommodations. To live amongst the true locals while staying within arm length distance to the activity centres yet without the typical hassle and bustle that infests tourist destinations has brought us long lasting rewards.

So often we would come back home to Melbourne and wonder where is our own oasis spot here? As the skyline of this “world’s most liveable city” remodels daily, we find it hard to imagine which area has been planned to not change, to preserve, to identify with.

East Melbourne is the answer, out and aloud.

As one of Melbourne’s earliest suburbs, East Melbourne has long been home to many significant government, health and religious institutions, including the Parliament of Victoria and offices of the Government of Victoria in the Parliamentary and Cathedral precincts, which are located on a gentle hill at the edge of the Melbourne’s Hoddle Grid, known as Eastern Hill.

The world famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is located in Yarra Park, in the East Melbourne locality of Jolimont. East Melbourne has been affluent since its first establishment and contains some of the oldest Victorian homes and terrace houses and parks and gardens in Melbourne.
The Parliamentary and Cathedral precincts are located on a gentle hill, known as Eastern Hill. Jolimont railway station is at the top of a ridge, which extends towards Bridge Road in Richmond, from which Jolimont slopes downwards towards the Yarra River and the residential section to the north slopes gradually towards the flatter areas of Fitzroy and Collingwood to the north and Richmond to the south.

This interesting history combined with its unique location has made East Melbourne the only Historical District in Melbourne. Local residents have the longest establishment of lobby group in favour of the preservation of this suburb’s architecture and pride.

We, for this very reason, acquired this rundown building in 2013 and accomplished a complete renovation in early 2015, to revive its architectural presence and return its dignity.

We hope that you, during your journeys and discoveries, share our aspirations in traveling, in bonding, in learning, in living.

We deeply thank those who have returned to stay with us over and over again since our opening day, and enlightened us with their insights as our guests, our supporters, and our worldly friends.