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Pet Friendly Accommodation – East Melbourne CBD

Looking for Pet Friendly Accommodation in East Melbourne? Bring the Entire Family to the CBD!

Your dog is crying for you – begging you to turn around and take him from this unfamiliar kennel. You want nothing more but finding pet friendly accommodation in Melbourne has proven impossible. No hotel would allow your family pet to stay. Its becoming harder and harder to find suitable accommodation that will allow your family pets to stay with you while you travel.

Aberlour Court sympathises with your situation – which is why we strive to provide our guests (and their four-legged friends) with the best travel experiences possible. We are the premier pet friendly accommodation in East Melbourne and we welcome you and your entire family.

Aberlour Court: About Us

Aberlour Court stands in the heritage district, a collection of private apartments with boutique furnishings. We offer our guests exceptional experiences, pairing spacious floor plans, modern amenities and a family atmosphere. We also deliver pet friendly accommodation in the Melbourne CBD, encouraging individuals to bring their beloved dogs and cats.

Searching for pet friendly accommodation in Melbourne? Let us connect you to inviting apartments, friendly staffers and a promise of in-room stays. Make a reservation today!

Choosing Pet Friendly Accommodation in East Melbourne: Our Rooms

Families face an unfortunate truth while travelling: hotels rarely welcome pets, fearing damaged property and constant noises. Bringing dogs and cats onto the premises, they claim will lead to holiday anarchy.

As the leading pet friendly accommodation in the Melbourne CBD however, Aberlour Court has a different philosophy. We encourage our guests to bring their animals, wanting to promote truly homely experiences. Our large floor plans – which offer one-bedroom or two-bedroom configurations, as well as fully-equipped kitchens and lounge areas – adapt to all breeds. We provide safe, comfortable environments; and each boasts access to a private courtyard, which delivers ample exercise opportunities.

Choosing Pet Friendly Accommodation in East Melbourne: Our Promise

We strive to provide our guests with quality service – and we extend this service to dogs and cats. Our staff recognises that holiday schedules sometimes fall apart, leaving families unable to return to their rooms and take care of their pets (feeding, walking, and more). This is why we offer on-site support, tending to animals as needed and providing our guests with a sense of relief.

Looking for Pet Friendly Accommodation in Melbourne? Contact Aberlour Court Today.

Aberlour Court provides more than comfortable rooms and exceptional amenities. We also promote a genuine sense of family, offering pet friendly accommodation in the Melbourne CBD. To learn more about our services – as well as to reserve a room for your next holiday – contact us today. Our team members will happily answer any questions or concerns.






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East Melbourne
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