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Melbourne city and river

Reasons to love Melbourne

Melbourne, the second largest city of Australia, is cosmopolitan and elegant. It is a dream city which you would never want to leave. Melbourne has been voted as the “World’s Most Livable City”, 6 years consecutively, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.
We want to share with you 10 reasons why we love Melbourne, from a local’s perspective!

The Neighbourhoods
New York has them, for instance. So does Paris, London … and Melbourne. There are quirky cafes and cozy old pubs in Fitzroy, and upmarket boutiques in Prahran. The gentry hide away in the leafy mansions of Toorak, while backpackers enjoy the beach vibe of St Kilda. Melbourne’s inner-city areas are as diverse as its population.
We’ve long believed any neighborhood you could spend your entire weekend in is a good one, and Melbourne has dozens of them within a few miles of the central post office.

Trendy laneways and traditional arcades
For a big city, Melbourne does the small-scale remarkably well. There’s the underground (literally) Campbell Arcade with its zine shop and café that operates on the honor system; Centre Place with its sidewalk café scene that puts Paris to shame; the Royal Arcade with its grand old architecture (from 1869) and super-specialized boutiques (one sells only Russian babushka dolls); Degraves Street with its posh little shops and dozens more.

Public Transport
It’s very advantageous to travel around Melbourne. We have all sorts of public transport throughout all of Melbourne, from trams within the city and inner suburbs, to trains and buses that take you literally everywhere. You really don’t need a car if you live in Melbourne. Also, unlike certain cities around the world where taking public transport is frowned upon, taking public transport in Melbourne is for EVERYONE- whether you’re rich or poor, a professional or a uni student; anyone who can buy a public transport pass can enjoy the convenience of getting around this city.

Historic Melbourne City Centre
Melbourne City Centre is a historical place. It is the birth place of cosmopolitan and the huge Melbourne city that we see today. Way back in the year 1835, the founders of the now Melbourne city John Batman and John Fawkner marked the boundary and declared it as an independent city. Since then the city has been gradually growing and developing to become the enchanting city that it is now. Melbourne City Centre is a huge place and there are many things to see and experience here.
Hoodle Grid and Queen Victoria Market – These are the oldest areas of the Melbourne city. If you want to experience the old times and whiff in the history then roam about its famous alleyways and arcades. It is best to experience the place on foot. This might take time but it surely will be rewarding. Enjoy the Victorian architecture. Click pictures of majestic and British structures that still speak volumes of bygone aristocracy. When you feel tired then sit in the manicured parks and gardens and interact with the locals.
Tallest Buildings of Australia – Did you know that Melbourne City Centre itself is the home to six tallest building of Australia? Get ready to crane your neck to enjoy this.

The Walkability
Whenever I have a choice of transport, my feet will be it. I love exploring at walking pace, and will happily wander round a city all day, often much to the chagrin of my travelling companions.If you live in inner Melbourne you could easily get by without a car — mine barely sees the light of day.
I walk to work in the city, and back again. I walk to my friend’s houses or the local pubs. I walk to the supermarket, and my favourite cafes. When there’s a big sporting match at the MCG, the Australian Open at Rod Laver Arena, or a favourite band playing at any of the major venues, I’ll walk there too.
In fact, I walk pretty much everywhere. If you’re visiting Melbourne, pack sunscreen and an umbrella, and just start putting one foot in front of the other. You won’t regret it.
Of course Melbourne, like every other city, isn’t perfect.
Yet despite everything, Melbourne features in the top two or three of pretty much any ‘liveable city’ award you care to name. Based on my time here I can only agree.

Anyone who has visited a cafe run by Australian’s will know this statement to be true — Australians do breakfast better. Better than anyone. Seriously, breakfast and brunch are akin to Godliness to Antipodean’s and, in my opinion, Melbourne is the best of the best. From hot, velvety flat whites, to sourdough bread and of course — AVOCADO TOAST — breakfast is probably my number 1 fave thing about Melbourne

The café culture
The people of Melbourne are not just foodies; they are breakfast-and-brunch-obsessed foodies. This means the ability to get eggs at 2pm and coffee at all hours. And not just coffee. Really, really good coffee. There seemed to be a coffee shop or café on every corner throughout the city, and is one of the only places in the world where most Starbucks have gone out of business.

Rooftop watering holes
Melbourne’s generally low-slung skyline means rooftop bars aren’t vertigo-inducing, just closer to the sky. The bar atop the seven-story Curtin House is popular with tourists and locals, especially during the summer film series (through April 4). Good views, nice weather, inventive cocktails. What’s not to like?

Despite Melbourne having a current population of 4 million people and it’s ever-growing with high rise apartments, there are plenty of green, leafy parks for the locals to enjoy. The parks throughout Melbourne are well maintained and well equipped for kids to appreciate. Most parks are also dog-friendly, making it great for families and people with pets.

The sporting events
Melbourne is Australia’s “sporting capital,” hosting events like the Australia Open tennis championship and the FORMULA 1 Australian Grand Prix. There’s also Australian Rules Football (AFL), and of course, cricket.

Melbourne is a very multicultural city which has resulted in this city having niche restaurants serving up dishes from all over the world. It’s amazing that if you feel like Korean food, there are numerous authentic restaurants serving Korean dishes, or if you feel like Nepalese cuisine, you can get it here. There’s literally all types of restaurants in Melbourne. There are also international celebrations usually taken place at the iconic Federation Square (in the heart of the city). These celebrations include Buddhism Day, Filipino Day, Thai Day, etc… It’s all very harmonious and beautiful!

Boutique accommodation
There are so many boutique hotels in Melbourne and we’ve got the best one: Aberlour Court. Our rooms have been designed with so much happiness! Adding to the beautiful interior, the private courtyard or balcony provides a natural extension of the internal living space, sets you up for the tranquil sunset view at dusk. With a fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi, private parking and much more, our hotel is the best choice for your Melbourne stay.

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