Aberlour Court

Self Contained Accommodation – East Melbourne CBD

Enjoy friendly service with Self-Contained Accommodations at East Melbourne’s Aberlour Court

Whether you are looking for accommodation for your holiday in Melbourne or for a place to live for six months during a home renovation, a friendly place to call home is probably near the top of your priority list. Most hotels and some apartment complexes sacrifice your privacy to fit more guests into their building or save money on construction and furnishing. The result whether it means shared entrances, laundry rooms or community kitchens can make you feel unwelcome and not at home, even in a space where you are supposed to be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

Self-Contained Accommodation in Melbourne

At Aberlour Court, we take your privacy very seriously. Instead of cramming 100 units into a modern high-rise, we have built an apartment complex with 27 self-contained accommodations in East Melbourne. In essence, that means that when you rent an apartment with Aberlour Court, either for a short-term or long-term stay, you won’t be expected to share anything with other guests or tenants.

Our guests at Aberlour Court come to us for all manner of different reasons. Some have recently been relocated to the Melbourne area for work and need a place to stay while they look for a more permanent form of housing. Others choose one of our units as their temporary home while their house is being renovated. We are also a top choice amongst holidaymakers, from families who need a pet-friendly, kid-friendly place to stay to honeymooners looking for something a bit more intimate than the average Melbourne hotel.

When you come to Aberlour Court, we will do our utmost to make you feel at home from the moment you walk through the door. Here are just a few of the features and amenities that we offer as a part of our private, self-contained accommodations in Melbourne’s CBD:

  • Separate living room and bedroom spaces
  • Full-sized modern kitchens (including oven, cooktop, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, pantry, cookware, dishes and utensils)
  • Laundry room (including washing machine, clothes line, clothes basket, umbrella and washing powder)
  • Full furnishing and amenities (including beds, linens and other bedding in the bedrooms and a TV, desk, chairs, sofa bed, telephone and more in the living room)
  • Luxurious bathrooms (with gorgeous Italian tiling, towels, bath products and your choice of walk-in shower or shower/bath combo)
  • Balconies and/or courtyard access
  • Optional car park use, available for pre-booking

Make Your Reservation with Aberlour Court

Experience the benefits of a self-contained accommodation in East Melbourne today, by making your reservation with Aberlour Court. No matter the duration of your stay and no matter the number of kids or pets, we are flexible and can’t wait to provide you with a superior holiday destination or temporary housing experience! To get started with booking your room, give us a call on 61 3 9039 5310 or send us an email at info@aberlourcourt.com.au. We look forward to seeing you soon in Melbourne’s thriving CBD!